L’Orangerie is one of a pair of buildings in the Jardin des Tuileries, which is a public park between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre. The buildings original purpose was to protect the orange trees in the park. It’s twin building, Jeu de Paume, is also an museum, and used to house tennis courts. 

Opposite the front door of L’Orangerie is a version of Rodin’s The Kiss. I was especially happy to see it, as the marble version that usually lives at the Musee Rodin has been leant to an exhibition at the Grand Palais, which doesn’t open until the 22nd. 

Today, L’Orangerie is a museum of Impressionist art, including several massive Monets. The two oval rooms where they are displayed were designed to Monet’s exact specifications. 

They are magnificent. 

The two oval rooms take up lost of the upstairs, and downstairs there is additional art. Here are just a few of the beautiful things there. 

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